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Garage Door Repairs And Services | Garage Doors Installers

Affordable Garage Doors are garage door installers and offer professional garage door repairs and services. We have been in the business for years and Affordable Garage Doors is a name you can trust.

Timber is a natural material and as such is prone to expansion and contraction due to the differences in weather conditions from summer to winter. At Affordable Garage Doors we have designed a patented system to compensate for this effect, which not only adds value to your door installation and your home but also relieves the frustration of doors that become difficult to open.

Automatic Garage Door Installers

The installation of automatic garage doors is a precise and difficult job that should only be carried out by team of professional garage door installers. A garage door, once installed, will be the largest door in your home, and merely manipulating it into the correct position is not only difficult, but can also be dangerous.

The installation is not a job that can easily or safely be carried out by the average DIY enthusiast, even if he considers himself an expert. An automated garage door, because of the need for the motor to be so precisely aligned, requires much more accurate work in order to ensure the correct working of the finished product.

So contact the garage door installer specialists!

Sectional Motor

  • A – latest technology, pick-up any code-hopping remotes in the Market.
  • B – Powerful motor head, over 200 kg, the strongest shaft in the market. Fast speed, low noise.
  • C – Automatic intelligent sensitivity adjustment.
  • D – External battery.
  • E – LED light(0.3w), power saving, environment protective.
  • F – Soft start & stop, reverse back when meeting any obstacle.
  • G -Two four button stylish remotes.

Roll Up Motor

  • A – latest technology, pick-up any code-hopping remotes in the Market.
  • B – Used extensively in roll-up door market.
  • C – Internal battery.
  • D – LED light(0.3w), power saving, environment protective.
  • E – Soft start & stop, reverse back when meet any obstacle.
  • F – Two four button stylish remotes.

For more information on our DC Blue Motor, please click here.

Garage Door Repairs And Services

A garage door, whether manual or automatic, like any other piece of moving machinery, needs to be checked and serviced at regular intervals. All of the moving parts need to be oiled regularly, the alignment needs to be checked, and the door tension and its overall movement have to be checked. We offer professional garage door repairs & services as well as expert installations

When to call us

There are a several things that can go wrong with garage doors that necessitate a check out and if necessary a service. Things to look out for include:

  • A noisy door or motor.
  • Door does not sit square.
  • The door drops down by itself.
  • It is heavy to lift.
  • The door sticks.
  • The motor runs but doesn’t open the garage door.
  • The light on the motor flashes.
  • The door doesn’t lock.
  • The motor just clicks when you press the remote.

If you should notice any of the above happening, then you should call us so that we can come out and carry out a garage door repairs and services.

We do all types of garage door repairs and services, whether manual or automatic, all garage door motors and the majority of gate motors. Doors of all types, including roll-up garage doors, sectional garage doors and tip-up garage doors, are serviced. A service should be carried out at least once a year.

The types of repairs that can be found necessary include the replacement of cables, springs, bearing plates, hinges, brackets, roller and pulley wheels, jamb arms, handles, bottom seals and on the roll up door the drum itself.

Contact the garage door repairer experts at any time to arrange for a garage door services.


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